Hearth to Home: Elegant and Hearty Cuisine with Raisa Jari & Mitchell Cutler

Get ready to salivate! On this program we connect with the folks from Hearth to Home, Raisa Jari and Mitchell Cutler. This culinary duo “prepares fresh organic vegan meals that feature elegant contemporary flavours as well as traditional favourites adapted to healthier plant-based versions. The meals are then delivered to Toronto homes each week.” In 2005, … Continue reading

Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Fair: The Largest Veggie Festival in North America

From Sept 8 – Sept 10, an estimated 15,000 people will pass through the expansive grounds at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre for the 22nd Annual Vegetarian Food Fair. Over 100 exhibitors will share their knowledge and products with vegetarians and the veg-curious. Those interested in health, animal advocacy, and environmental issues will also enjoy a host of … Continue reading

Healing ourselves, healing the planet through The Blossoming Lotus

This week, Animal Voices travels to paradise to explore the philosophy of the Kaua’i vegan restaurant, The Blossoming Lotus and its award-winning cookbook, Vegan World Fusion Cuisine. More than just a cookbook, Dr. Jane Goodall writes in her foreword that it “serves as a manual for sustainable, nonviolent living, painting a picture of a world without boundaries, … Continue reading

The Seal Hunt / Cheap Vegan Eats

From muffins to megaphones, this show offers a hearty helping of local and national-based activism. First we’ll hear from Rebecca Aldworth, Humane Society of the United States‘ Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues, who will provide an overview of the Canadian seal hunt and explain HSUS’ controversial campaign, “Boycott Canadian Seafood,” which they hope will curb the … Continue reading

John Mackey (on Whole Foods Market) & Josh Harper (on Anarchism and AR)

At the beginning of the show, Josh Harper, who was recently arrested under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, will share his views on the relevance of anarchism to animal liberation. We’ll learn about the foundations of anarchism and his perspective on what many have called the “extremist” and “terrorist” aspects of the current animal movements. … Continue reading