Operation Crush Captivity!: Dylan Powell of Marineland Animal Defense

We were joined very briefly last week by grassroots, DIY activist and co-founder of The Vegan Police, Dylan Powell. Dylan discussed the news that Seaworld has won a lawsuit against Marineland over the custody and care of Ikaika, an 8 year old Orka. Dylan is back today to tell us more about the Marineland Animal Defense (MAD), whose stated goals … Continue reading

DIY Punk Ethics and Animal Activism: Dylan Powell of the Vegan Police

Dylan Powell’s tireless efforts have helped establish Niagara, Ontario, as a major hotbed for vegan and animal rights activism in Canada. Started in 2008 as a campus community radio show, Dylan’s punk DIY baby, the Vegan Police (VP), has since migrated to podcast and has become, along with the creation of the extensive VP website, … Continue reading