The Poetry of James Strecker

Today Animal Voices will be in studio with poet James Strecker. In addition to an interview with the poet, Strecker will be reading from his book, Beside the Hemlock Garden. This beautiful and poignant collection of work focuses on animal rights issues and beyond. From the back of the book:

This is more than a book of poems. It is a testament on the abuse and rights of human and other animal lives. The poems are thematically stark and disturbing, the language is evocative and haunting, the tone is uncompromising. One reviewer said that Strecker’s “words sink their fangs in your mind.” Another wrote “James Strecker has captured the ‘other self’ of mankind, there is absolutely no question. There is here a wrenching of the inner spirit that allows no rest. No further examiniation of conscience is needed.”

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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