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Animals’ Lives


Get to know animals better! Whether you’re interested in dogs, rabbits, ferrets, seals, elephants, bats, rats, otters, or sloths, we have a show that delves into their lives. We cover songbirds, turkeys, and recovering cockfighters. We even have shows dedicated to the much-maligned shark and scorpion. And don’t miss the show about animal fathers.

Veg Diets


Get sound nutrition advice from Registered Dietitians Jack Norris and Vesanto Melina. Get cooking tips from best-selling cookbook authors Sarah Kramer and Isa Moskowitz. Get inspired to experiment in the kitchen with shows about soul food, vegan baking, and adorably creative kids’ lunch boxes! Doctors and ultramarathoners join us to talk about nutrition for athletes, and educators tell us about using vegan diets to help troubled teens. And of course Dr. T. Colin Campbell reports on the largest study of diet and disease ever conducted, The China Study.

Animal Industries


For a primer on the countless ways humans use animals, try these interviews about the pig industry, cattle farms, poultry industry, dairy, eggs, and foie gras. Hear about the use of animals in classrooms, vet school, and university research. Go far afield to learn about bear bile farming and the exotic animal trade, and closer to home to investigate puppy mills, rodeos, dog sled racing, and captive animal parks.

Animals Rights Theory


Many of the finest animal rights scholars have treated us to an hour-long look into their work and thought. Gary Francione’s accessible books have introduced many to animal rights. Challenge your thinking with academic luminaries like Donna Haraway, Akira Lippit, Greta Gaard, John Sanbonmatsu, Philip Armstrong, and Cary Wolfe; ethicists Angus Taylor and Bernard Rollin; historian Erica Fudge; political philosopher Will Kymlicka. Hear from Richard Ryder, who invented the word “speciesism”, and Joan Dunayer, who wrote a book on it! We also cover how animal rights thought connects with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and atheism.

Activism in Action


We have been privileged to interview many inspiring, dedicated activists over the years. Some run sanctuaries or animal hospitals, while others choose to hone their leafletting skills to a fine edge. Some do open rescues, clandestine direct action, or even tangle with whalers far out at sea. Some use their career skills to do legal work for animals, boost vegan businesses, or open vegetarian food banks. Meet people who rescue animals during natural disasters and in war zones — and people who are spreading pro-animal messages through cartoons, hip hop, children’s songs, and even stand-up comedy!



We strive to provide a platform for marginalized voices and are proud to offer interviews that incorporate international and intersectional perspectives. Learn about the ways that speciesism operates with other forms of oppression such as sexism, heterosexism, classism, and racism, even within the animal rights movement. For indigenous perspectives on animal liberation and veganism, you might be interested in these interviews with with Rod Coronado and Margaret Robinson. We have also featured LGBTQ guests such as AIDS activist Steven Simmons and former host Mirha-Soleil Ross. You may also be interested in our shows on humanewashing, prisoner rights or the treatment of slaughterhouse workers.

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