Inside Rodeo Culture with Karol Orzechowski


Photo by Karol Orzechowski

Karol Orzechowski has seen inside the rodeo in a way that few outsiders ever get to. During a two-year academic study of rodeos, he interviewed numerous rodeo performers and participants. He joins us today to talk about the history and culture of rodeos. We will discuss the Calgary Stampede, of course — the granddaddy of Canadian rodeos — but also the smaller rodeos that may be happening in a town near you.

Ever wondered where the animals at a rodeo come from — or where they go when the show is over? Or what path kids take to become rodeo performers? Maybe you’re curious to “follow the money” and find out who profits from rodeos. Well, this interview is your “all-access” pass to experience the real rodeo behind the glitz and showmanship.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

P.S. Check out Karol’s other recent interview about Maximum Tolerated Dose, his documentary film about animal testing.

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