Remembering Seals: An Interview with Fred Bruemmer

© / Oliver Anlauf

While the mainstream media tends to frame the Canadian seal hunt as a clash between protesters and supporters, it’s easy to forget about the seals’ perspectives and experiences, especially those beyond the hunt. In response, today we’re speaking with Fred Bruemmer, world-renowned nature photographer and researcher. In this program, we primarily focus on Bruemmer’s encounters with Canadian harp seals, as we peek behind the camera to learn more about these animals, and one man’s celebration of their lives.

Part natural history, part memoir, Bruemmer’s reflections capture a deep affection for animals and an ongoing passion for his work. Tune in to hear about his interactions with seals (and other animals), their remarkable lives, and the nature of his craft.

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More about Bruemmer…

Born in Latvia, Bruemmer emigrated to Canada in 1951. Among his many notable accomplishments, Bruemmer holds an Honorary Doctoral Degree from the University of New Brunswick, was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1983, and received the North American Nature Photography Association Lifetime Award, and other accolades. He has written extensively for a variety of magazines and journals, and has penned over twenty books, including Arctic Memories: Living with the Inuit (1993), The Life of the Harp Seal (1977), Seals in the Wild (1998), and Survival – A Refugee Life (2005).

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