Sailing with Sea Shepherd: Shannon Mann gives us a glimpse into the life of an ocean activist

Shannon MannThanks to the TV show Whale Wars, Sea Shepherd is a household name. But what is it really like to be on board a Sea Shepherd vessel? This week’s guest, Shannon Mann, takes us inside life on the ship: the tension as you try to find the whalers before their scouts find you, the sound of ice crunching against the hull just a few feet from your bunk, the experience of being treated like heroes in Australia and like criminals in Canada.

After five years on board with Sea Shepherd, Shannon has diligently devoted her time to connecting the local and the global with the organization Backyard Activist, which she founded with a dedicated team, including SHAC 7 member Jake Conroy. “Backyard Activist is a social media site for activism that will make it easy for like-minded individuals to connect, create projects, volunteer, and get involved. We want to build a global community of activists that feel empowered and supported, and provide them with a valuable tool to accomplish their goals.”

In this interview, we catch up with Shannon and her birds to discuss sailing the Antarctic, seeing herself and her crew on television, and what lies ahead for Backyard Activist.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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