Not Asking for Permission: Former ALF Activist Peter Young

Photo from ALF website

Join us for a conversation with former Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist, Peter Young. Now famous for a series of raids on mink farms across the U.S. Midwest during 1997, and the liberation of thousands of animals, Young was indicted by a federal grand jury in 1998, on “Extortion by Interfering with Interstate Commerce”, and two charges of “Animal Enterprise Terrorism”. In 2005, he was arrested and convicted (though the extortion charge was dropped), serving two years and hours of community service.

In this interview, Young talks about a range of issues, from his activist roots to conquering a fear of prison. We also hear his statement to the court on his day of sentencing, his reflections on that unplanned and powerful piece of prose, and a few responses to his critics. Uncompromising and unapologetic, Young takes us back to those nights—ones that he has called the most rewarding of his life—including his interactions with the mink and what it felt like seeing them taste freedom for the first time.

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