Esther: Wonder Pig in the City! Plus, Cookbook Meets Comic Book in <em>The Vegan Zombie: Cook & Survive</em>

Esther: Wonder Pig in the City! Plus, Cookbook Meets Comic Book in The Vegan Zombie: Cook & Survive

When Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins welcomed Esther the “micropig” into their home, they had no idea she would grow to 400 pounds — and change the direction of their lives! Through her Facebook page, Esther has touched the hearts (and changed the diets) of people worldwide. Then, we catch up with Chris and Jon, the team behind YouTube hit cooking show The Vegan Zombie. They just released the cookbook their fans have been asking for — and threw in a comic book adventure to boot! Continue reading

Jenny from the ’Stock: Jenny Brown tells the story of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in <em>The Lucky Ones</em>

Jenny from the ’Stock: Jenny Brown tells the story of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in The Lucky Ones

In her new book, Jenny Brown recounts her journey from her meat-and-dairy-heavy childhood in Kentucky to finding her life’s work as sanctuary director. Along the way, she educates readers about the ugly realities of modern animal agriculture, and invites us to meet the animals — the “lucky ones” — who have found a life-long home with her in Woodstock. Continue reading

Undercover Investigation: Inside a U.K. Pig Farm with Animal Equality’s Laura Gough

Animal Voices speaks with Laura Gough of Animal Equality about their recent undercover investigation of a pig farm in Norfolk, U.K. The routine brutality seen in the footage gathered over two months is shocking. So too is the revelation that the randomly-chosen farm boasted the “Red Tractor” symbol, supposedly awarded to U.K. farms that adhere to high animal welfare standards. … Continue reading

Animals as Biotechnology: Dr. Richard Twine Discusses Science, Ethics, and Animals

This week, Animal Voices speaks with Richard Twine, researcher and lecturer at England’s Lancaster University’s Department of Sociology and Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen). In 1996 he started the website– now a long standing online presence for the dissemination of ecofeminism. In 2001 he finished his PhD on ecofeminist theory and … Continue reading

Skin Trade, Pt. II: A Follow-Up Interview With Shannon Keith

The Fur Industry is at-once an incredibly complicated set of powerful economic relationships, and also a fragile commercial establishment built on a powerful illusion of luxury. Following up her film about the ALF, Behind The Mask, Shannon Keith returns to Animal Voices to discuss Skin Trade, her fast-paced examination of Big Fur that gives viewers … Continue reading

Voice of the Voiceless: Online and Offline Activism With Peter Young

Through avenues such as facebook, blogging and twitter, the internet has arguably become a powerful avenue for activists to share information, debate topics, and organize themselves. Though many (including Peter Young) would question the value and worth of online activism, it is for many veterans in the animal advocacy movements a new and necessary tool … Continue reading