Feed Your Family the China Study Way. Plus, Compassionate Outreach with Guelph Pig Save

china_study_cookbook_136wFirst came The China Study, a milestone work by T. Colin Campbell that reported on an enormous study of the links between diet and disease. Now LeAnne Campbell brings the findings of the China Study right into your kitchen with The China Study Cookbook. Father and daughter join us today to talk about the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet, the amazing variety of meals that the diet encompasses, and the role of the diet in raising LeAnne’s athletic teenage sons.

guelph_pig_save_150wThen in the second half of the show, we speak to Becka Samuels and Mike Nicholson of Guelph Pig Save. They will tell us about the vigils at which Guelph Pig Save members witness the terrible conditions pigs endure during transport to the slaughterhouse. They will also talk about the Ribfest Resistance Manual the group is preparing, and a fun community event they have in the works to celebrate pigs! And if you’d like to support some animal sanctuaries in the Guelph area, there’s still time to sponsor Guelph Pig Save’s Ride for Rescued Animals, happening July 20!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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