Lil’ Drac Rocks!: Bat Chat with Amanda Lollar

Animal Voices is happy to welcome back Amanda Lollar, founder and president of Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit, volunteer run organization which has also built a network of Bat Rescue and Education Centers all over the US.  Founded in 1994, Bat World Sanctuary has been a permanent refuge for bats used in research, “retired” from zoos, orphaned, permanently injured or confiscated from the exotic pet trade.

The last time we spoke with Amanda Lollar was back in 1998– one of the earliest shows in the Animal Voices archive! Needless to say we had a lot to catch up on. Our favorite update was hearing about their rescue of The Little River Eight and Lil’ Drac, an orphaned short tailed fruit bat. In the videos below you can watch as Lil’ Drac grows stronger. His personality begins to emerge and volunteer caregivers at Bat World Sanctuary find out that he enjoys rocking himself after being fed.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

Lil’ Drac Part 1

Lil’ Drac Part 2

6 thoughts on “Lil’ Drac Rocks!: Bat Chat with Amanda Lollar

  1. I LOVE this and still get teary eyed seeing Lil Drac! He is the sweetest thing since I had babies. ( 30 -some yrs ago! ok 2 yrs counting my granddaughter, but she LOVES lil Drac also)

  2. Just this one time I hope you dont neuter him. he is so special his genes should be passed on to at least ONE offspring. I know you cant have them breeding all over the place or there would not be room for new orphans. but Lil’ Drac is SO SPECIAL. Please reconsider just for this one little special bat.

  3. Ha Ha, love it. I see you couldn’t resist a photo of Peek-A-Boo checking out the toy’s in the Toy Box. If you save the image and zoom in check out her cheesy little grin!!! BTW Love Lil Drac and the rest of the gang!!

  4. It is an amazing journey for this bat….and for me…..emotionally……Thank you for your hard work in saving lives….

  5. Awwww! Does this make you BatGirl? That is so cool. Isn’t there a woman in Fremont who runs a bat shelter? I raclel reading about her in the paper a few years ago. If I find anything about her, I’ll comment here again.

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