Vegan Blogging & Other Indie Media: Or, the many fans of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

On this show, we venture into the vegan blogosphere, to tackle some serious and not-so-serious questions about the role of independent media within the animal and veggie movements. Blogging, a recent player in the world of alternative media, has provided unique forums for discussion and an opportunity for vegans to challenge mainstream representations of both the diet and animal activism. Additionally, blogging has helped form virtual communities centered on marginalized perspectives or interests, even (or especially?) when local “real world” communities can be small or simply non-existent.

First, we connect with Colin, a Ph.D. student in Peace Studies, who tells us about his stimulating blog We learn about why he believes that veganism and anarchy fit so well together, and what two debates on his site have garnered the most attention. (Hint: Ever heard of Gary Francione or Lee Hall?) Check it out, and share some of your own words.

Next up, we chat with Suzanne about the dizzying world of vegan ice cream, and the magic of arrowroot powder. From pumpkin to blueberry cheese cake, Suzanne of Vegan Ice Cream Paradise knows all the tricks for making homemade non-dairy treats. Besides being a whiz in the kitchen, the adventurous Suzanne also volunteers with Vegan Outreach. Currently, she’s big on the Adopt-A-College campaign. Tune in to find out more.

Then, Megan the Vegan tells us how blogging helps her express her inner foodie. Between sheets of flaky philo or snuggled into layers of yuba, Megan knows a thing or two about delicious wrapped food. But her culinary skills extend farther into hearty dishes, pretty soups, exciting salads, and much more, all beautifully plated. Despite denial of her athletic prowess, Megan also manages to squeeze in a marathon or triathlon here and there. (!)

Finally, at long last, we check in with Amanda about her self-made online magazine The Toronto Vegan Project. Did you know that Toronto features an organic vegan spa, or that vegetables in taro nest is one of the most popular dishes at Bo De Duyen, a veg Chinese and Vietnamese resto? These are just a couple of insights provided through the site. The TVP offers restaurant reviews and interviews, profiles of local vegans, articles, and step-by-step recipes. We should also mention, this is tiring work for just one person! She’d love your help. Volunteer by contacting Amanda at

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