Hey, Sweetness!: Confessions of a Fair Trade Chocolatier

Photo by Michele Poirer

If you don’t live in Toronto, prepare to be very jealous. In this interview we speak with Siue Moffat, of Lickin’ the Beaters fame, who is an independent, vegan, socially and environmentally conscious chocolatier. Currently, Moffat lovingly handcrafts sixteen mind-blowing (taste-bud blowing?) truffle flavours to delight the palate as well as the eyes. From Dark Chipotle, Lemon Anise, Key Lime Marshmallow, Coffee Cinnamon Banana, Chocolate Mint, Banana Split, Solid Raspberry, and many more, Moffat combines the finest fair trade and organic ingredients to create a truly decadent experience. While the flavours range from comforting (e.g., Hazelnut or Mug of Cocoa) to playful and unexpected (e.g., Lavender Chestnut or Lemongrass Ginger), attention to detail remains a common feature to all of Siue’s creations. Moffat, along with Ben Hackman from Toronto’s Global Aware, join us in studio to sample some truffles, discuss the politics of fair trade, and talk shop about the finicky side of chocolatiering.

Moffat’s chocolates are currently available at Panacea, Global Aware, and Trash Palace. Her new book, Lickin’ the Beaters 2: Vegan Chocolate and Candy, will be published shortly!

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