Working Towards a World Without Slaughterhouses: Activists Discuss Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Campaign at St. Helen’s Meat Packers

JoAnne McArthur


On November 6, 2014, activists held a peaceful vigil and sit-in with the purpose of disrupting “business-as-usual” at St. Helen’s Meat Packers. Activists, many of whom were inspired by bearing witness with the Toronto Cow Save and other Animal Saves, attempted to block an incoming transport truck from reaching the plant. As the truck backed up into the line of protestors, slaughterhouse workers and police attacked and forcefully removed them, resulting in concussions for two of the activists.
We are joined today by Lorena Elke, Paul York, and Anita Krajnc, who were all present at the demonstration. They report that approximately 600 cows are killed in Toronto every day, and that our laws do not protect animals from cruelty, as there are many industries that profit from their deaths. They attempted dialogue with the slaughterhouse owner, asking him to transform his business into something that does not harm other animals or the environment. Furthermore, the jobs created by slaughterhouses are harmful to the workers, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. The activists considered the vigil to be a last resort, but assert that their campaign to stop the needless and systemic murder of animals is not over.
If you would like to help the activists with their legal defense, they have launched and indiegogo campaign at

Listen right now:

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