Vegan Cats & Dogs with Jed Gillen, Author of Obligate Carnivore

Please note that some customers have reported their cats having problems after being fed the Evolution vegan cat food. Please refer to a recent discussion we had on this on March 21, 2006.

This week on Animal Voices we’ll be speaking with Jed Gillen, author of the controversial book Obligate Carnivore, which tackles the touchy topic of vegan cats and dogs. After rescuing and adopting a kitten, Jed was faced with the dilemma encountered by many animal advocates: What should one feed this new family member that takes into account the life and well-being of the companion animal as well as the lives of animals raised for food?

This often hilarious text addresses Jed’s research into the pet food industry, his response and critique of the arguments against vegan cats and dogs, some insights into what is (or is not) natural and “what it really means to be vegan.”

During the latter portion of the hour, we’ll also be joined by Mirha-Soleil Ross, local Toronto activist extraordinaire. She’ll tell us about how her many vegan cats and one vegan dog transitioned to a new animal-free diet.

If you or anyone you know has ever struggled with this issue, please tune in. Gillen’s book and this topic have generated a lot of debate.

Author bio:

Jed Gillen is the co-founder and owner of, and Veggie Pages and is the guy who pays the rent for Seattle’s center for vegan cultural activity, the Vegan Warehouse. Originally from New York, he has lived in Seattle with his girlfriend, Lynn, and a growing collection of vegan cats and dogs (currently four and two, respectively) for the past decade or so.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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