Updates: Hurricane Katrina Part 2 & Sheena the New Vegan

After the media left, and the controversy began to subside, rescue workers continued their efforts in New Orleans. Laura Brown, a leading member of PETA’s Domestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue & Information (DAWRI) Department, shares her personal account of saving animals in the hurricane and flood-ravaged areas. From animals left in cages, chained in backyards, and those forced to consume their litter-mates to survive, Brown provides important insights into what can happen when major disasters strike urban centres. PETA’s rescue team, one of the few groups equipped to rescue dangerous dogs, patrolled the streets each day and listened for distant barking. As they broke into houses and administered first aid, Brown witnessed first-hand the intense suffering some animals endured for weeks on end. Yet, through such efforts, Brown also experienced many sloppy dog greetings, and even some extraordinary reunions between animals and their guardians. Listen in to hear one of the most inspiring and impassioned Animal Voices interviews to date.

At the top of the hour, we touch base with Sheena, who began her journey to veganism at the beginning of the new year. In this segment, we hear how her parents have reacted to the news and some of her reflections on becoming vegan.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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