The Vegan Hip Hop Movement

Photo by Brigitte Cronje

Listen in as we connect with Kevin Tillman, founder of the Vegan Hip Hop Movement website and promoter of all things people, animal, and earth-friendly. In this interview, Kevin takes us back to the roots of hip hop, and offers us insight into its message of empowerment that arose within the South Bronx and continues to inspire communities internationally. Indivisible from that resistant history, the world of vegan hip hop raises its voice for humans and nonhumans alike.

Engaging issues related to consumerism, colonialism, racism, animal exploitation, among others, the vegan hip hop movement cultivates a holistic anti-oppression approach that pushes veganism and animal rights to go further, while also urging hip hop to broaden its scope. Tune in to hear some fine tracks from vegan hip hop artists, and tap into a movement that shakes it all up.

Thanks to Labtekwon, Farm Fresh, and Hush Money for giving us the green light to include their music in the podcast. Thanks also to Kevin for selecting the music, and helping us to meet our Canadian content requirements!

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2 thoughts on “The Vegan Hip Hop Movement

  1. I just discovered the Vegan Hip Hop Movement by listending to an Animal Voices podcast today (june 2, 2011). I see you guys have been around a while but I haven’t heard of you. I’m going to share songs from the bands/movement with as many people as possible. I just listened to ‘Now Cipher’ by Labtekwon and I can’t laud this song enough. I can’t wait to listen to more! I just ordered Labtekwon Volume 4 with ‘Now Cipher’ from Amazon and I’m looking forward to getting it in the mail. Your movement is just wonderful and I hope the bands tour in Portland, Oregon! If you have an email list to add me to, please do so: vvvveganvegan (at)

    For the Animals,

  2. an absolute pleasure to read this amazing response to the vhhm from you, mady!! that’s great that you purchased labtekwon’s music–that should be a good listening experience for sure. you can connect with the vhhm on facebook and for updates and to learn of other vegan hip hop artists. thank you so much for your support!!

    keep connected,

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