Local Work: Animal Overpopulation and Food Sovereignty in Mexico

Photo from HSUS

Join us for interviews with Mónica Pineda president of GEPDA (Genta por la Defensa Animal / People for Animal Defense), and social justice activist, animal activist, and Nahuatl (Aztec) Indian, Gerardo Tristan Alvarado. First, we connect with Pineda, who describes efforts to control dog overpopulation throughout Mexico. We hear about the authorities’ approach to animal control, and GEPDA’s educational outreach efforts in urban and rural areas. Pineda also explains some of the key issues that have led to the widespread overpopulation problem.

Photo from Abolitionist Online

Then, Tristan Alvarado discusses “Bio-Justice / Bio-Justicia 2009,” the upcoming gathering in Monterrey, Mexico, which will draw together people interested in food sovereignty. Taking a holistic approach to vegetarian advocacy, he argues for local-based initiatives that are directly partnered with the communities they serve. He hopes to collaborate with people inside and outside of Mexico. Please contact him at biojusticia@hotmail.com.

Gerardo Tristan Alvarado is a proud member of the New Tallahassee (Tallahassee Wakokiye) ceremonial grounds in Eastern Oklahoma where he touches sacred medicine.

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