Manufacturing National Park Nature: Photography, Ecology, and the Wilderness Industry of Jasper

The Animal Voices team is thrilled to bring you this talk with Keri Cronin, assistant professor of Art History at Brock University about her book, Manufacturing National Park Nature: Photography, Ecology and the Wilderness Industry of JasperBy examining ways that Jasper National Park and its inhabitants are pictured through tourist postcards, advertisements, illustrated brochures and tourist snapshots, Cronin shares the stories that are concealed behind the imagery that would otherwise suggest that the park is free from any serious environmental or ecological threat.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

3 thoughts on “Manufacturing National Park Nature: Photography, Ecology, and the Wilderness Industry of Jasper

  1. During the news segment you mentioned an article that talked about stray dogs forming packs. This is a little bit a of misinfo. It is largely driven by misinterpreted casual observation. Numerous stray dogs will be draw to a particular area because of a food source yet they do not form actual pack such as wolves do. Some stray dogs will occasionally team up with one or two other dogs, such as for hunting, such groupings are quite temporary and lack the structure of a wolf pack.

    Just wanted to dispel a popular myth as it is sometimes used to justify aggressive “pack-leader” type training methods such as used by Cesar Milan. Such techniques are condemned by other knowledgeable animal behaviorists, vets, and dogs trainers.

    • That’s really interesting Skeptical Vegan – I really had no idea that this concept was so mystified! I am aware of some of the criticisms of pack mentality dog training, especially a piece by Lisa Jackson-Shebetta, entitled “Mythologies and Commodifications of Dominion in The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” from JCAS Volume VIII Issue I, and we’re currently reviewing Alana Stevenson’s “Training Your Dog the Humane Way” and hoping to have her on the show soon – so stay tuned for that if you’re interested in learning or sharing alternatives with folks.

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