Getting “Vegucated” with film writer/director/editor Marisa Miller Wolfson

Marisa Miller Wolfson discusses the inspiration for and making of Vegucated, a first-of-its-kind documentary that follows a trio of carnivorous New Yorkers through the process of becoming vegan. Wolfson, a longtime vegan and veteran food activist, describes the incredible seven-year process of making the film, during which she discovered how very complex and costly documentary film-making can be, and how the most compelling and powerful screen moments can occur when you least expect them. Wolfson also discusses what making and distributing this film taught her about how to effectively deliver pro-vegan messages to non-vegans, and about the importance of social support for those trying to adopt or maintain a vegan lifestyle. Finally, Wolfson invites listeners to visit, where they can find out how to organize screenings of the film in their own communities.

Listen right now:

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