A Travelling Animal Rights Fest: Open The Cages Tour Combines Education, Music, Activism

Today, Animal Voices gets the scoop on the 2013 Open the Cages East Coast Tour from tour director Mike XVX and volunteer coordinator Jenny Bundock.

otc_180w Inspired by the Primate Freedom Tours of the 1990s, Open The Cages is “a travelling animal rights fest” featuring art, music, workshops for activists, and screenings of the documentary Maximum Tolerated Dose. The tour combines education with action: after learning about animal experimentation, people can immediately attend a protest at a local laboratory.

Join us as Jenny and Mike discuss highlights and lessons from the successful 2012 west coast tour, getting past the secrecy surrounding animal experimentation, and bucking the trend of exploitive elements in demonstrations. And after you listen, visit openthecagestour.com to find out how you can participate in the tour stop nearest you.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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