“What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good and Evil”: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Discussing his New Book Beasts

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson joins Animal Voices to discuss his new book “Beasts”, exploring the origins of morality and what animals can teach us about the nature of good and evil. The disparity between the apex predator of the sea, orcas, and the apex predator on land, humans, in relation to violence is staggering. Humans are the only species with a documented history of runaway violence. While many predator species kill for subsistence, our species is the only one that blatantly kills for fun and without need. There have been no documented cases of orcas killing other orcas in the wild, and yet in the 20th century alone humans have killed approximately 200 million other humans.

In this interview, Jeffrey elaborates on what makes us so different and why the human species engages in a level of violence above and beyond the violence of any other species on the planet.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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