Shining the Spotlight on Animal Hero Kids with Susan Hargreaves

Animal Voices is thrilled to welcome back to the show one of its co-founders, Susan Hargreaves! Now that the show has been on the air for approximately two decades, we reflect on how Animal Voices began, along with the importance of alternative media and community radio. Grounded in her work as an undercover investigator and an activist, she comments on the need for us to advocate on behalf of individuals of other species. We discuss how radio shows such as Animal Voices have been an effective medium for sharing the work of front line activists in ways that are unfiltered by commercial uses. Reflecting on the past three decades of the vegan movement, Susan optimistically claims that our society is gradually shifting to a better understanding of radical animal liberation.

After looking back on AV’s past, we look ahead to the future and talk about the next generation of vegans and animal activists. Susan has recently released the book, “Animal Hero Kids: Voices of the Voiceless”, which highlights the contributions of kids and teens who are passionate about saving the lives of animals in need. Susan’s work as a humane educator has allowed her to teach students about animal liberation, as well as connect with youth that are vegans or are passionate about animal rights. Susan hopes that the Animal Hero Kids book will be made available to every middle school in North America, so that other kids can be inspired and empowered to take action and help animals themselves. For more information visit

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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