Undercover Investigation: Inside a U.K. Pig Farm with Animal Equality’s Laura Gough

Animal Voices speaks with Laura Gough of Animal Equality about their recent undercover investigation of a pig farm in Norfolk, U.K. The routine brutality seen in the footage gathered over two months is shocking. So too is the revelation that the randomly-chosen farm boasted the “Red Tractor” symbol, supposedly awarded to U.K. farms that adhere to high animal welfare standards. … Continue reading

Hidden Cameras, Exposed Truths: Mercy for Animals’ Undercover Investigation of E6 Cattle Co., Texas

We talk with Nathan Runkle, executive director of Chicago-based Mercy for Animals about their undercover investigation of E6 Cattle Co., Texas. Mercy for Animals writes “Undercover footage from this factory farm – which raises over 10,000 calves for use on dairy farms – documented workers bludgeoning calves with pickaxes and hammers, burning out their horns without painkillers, standing … Continue reading