The Politics of Production and Consumption

Lauren: “Years ago, an irate university student accused me, a new vegetarian, of “being worse than meat-eaters because [I] steal the cows’ food!” Even at the time his logic seemed a little faulty. Thankfully, with the help of folks like Danielle Nierenberg, a research associate with the World Watch Institute, we’re all a lot more educated about world food systems.”

We discuss Nierenberg’s recent report Happier Meals: Rethinking the Global Meat Industry, which addresses the devastating effects of factory farming on the industrialized and “developing” world. If you’ve ever been curious about how widespread factory farming has become or what animal issues have to do with globalization, this will be the show for you. From the health, ecological, and humane issues associated with factory farming, we’ve got it covered.

Then, we’ll hear from Adam Weissman from Yup, he was supposed to be on the program last week, but a technical glitch snagged us. (Thanks to those who called in to talk about Thanksgiving!) Adam will discuss the philosophy of freeganism and living as a freegan. What does consumption, capitalism, and First World affluence have to do with animals? According to Adam, quite a bit.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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