“I Used to be a Vegetarian…”: An Interview with Rae Sikora

We are joined by educator and activist Rae Sikora to discuss why some people decide to stop being veg*n. What obstacles do people face? Why do some people stay committed, while others become discouraged? How can other veggies respond in a helpful and supportive way?

Rae is the co-founder of the Center for Compassionate Living and the International Institute for Humane Education. She is also the founder of Simply Enough, an organization that promotes peace, critical thinking, and creativity. “The time has come to recognize that we are enough and we have enough regardless of the messages that advertising and popular culture have infused into our lifestyles” (www.simplyenough.com).

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

More about Sikora…

Rae Sikora has been a spokesperson for animals, the environment and human rights for over 25 years. Her innovative programs have been changing people’s vision of what is possible to create in our lives. Rae has worked internationally with participants ranging from teachers and students to prisoners. As co-founder of the Center for Compassionate Living and the International Institute for Humane Education, Rae created interactive critical thinking tools that are now being used by teachers around the globe. She holds degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Education from University of Wisconsin. Simply Enough draws from years of experience at helping individuals and groups see how implementing changes locally can bring about change globally. (From the website www.simplyenough.com)

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