Fighting the Bullfight in France with Civil Disobedience: An Interview with Joëlle Verdier

We are joined by Joëlle Verdier, founder of CLAM and one of the 95 activists who occupied a bullfighting ring on October 8, 2011, in Rodilhan, France. The activists’ goal was to prevent apprentice Toreros from killing six calves by peacefully occupying the arena. As shown in the video below, the activists endured a violent beating from the crowd of spectators. Joëlle tells us about the bullfighting industry and reflects on the experience of using civil disobedience as a tactic to stop bullfighting in France.

Listen right now:

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7 thoughts on “Fighting the Bullfight in France with Civil Disobedience: An Interview with Joëlle Verdier

  1. NON nous ne sommes pas tous pour la corrida mais beaucoup de gens sont fainéants pour aller protester. Corrida basta. la honte de la france et j’ai honte d’être française à cause de quelques spécimens à l’esprit tordu et sadique.

  2. NO we are not all in bullfights but many people are lazy to go protest. Corrida basta. the shame of France and I am ashamed to be French because of a few specimens in mind twisted and sadistic

  3. No, the VAST majority (75% about) of us, ‘Frenchies’ are AGAINST this cruel revival of Caligula’s Roman games, revived by fascist dictator Franco in Spain, and imported ‘en bloc’ to France!!! It is absolutely not French, nor HUMAN!
    There is a stupid debate at the moment about what is torture. Some say a ‘torture victim’ is immobilised and tortured to obtain a confession, military information etc., so the bull is not a victim!!!
    Do you know that the bull is weakened before the ‘fight’, by cruel transport conditions, deprivation of water but with plenty of salt, crippled by the picadors, bled of half his blood, so that he suffocates, so that the brave matador (killer in Spanish), can finish him off? Is he not ‘immobilised?
    And ‘torture for information’? What about the serial-killers who torture for fun or ritual? Sometimes in pairs.
    And here they torture in a crowd, for a ‘show’, for MONEY!!

  4. Joëlle Verdier est une usurpatrice car elle n’est pas la Fondatrice du CLAM. Le CLAM a été fondé en 2006, par quelques personnes dont Dominique Siccardi, Bruno, Delphine Simon, Isabelle Blanchemain, Eric, Dominique Joron etc.
    Joëlle Verdier a rejoint le CLAM en 2008 ou 2009
    merci de rectifier

  5. Too all the Bullfighters out there will die by the sword of Jeovah s hands! He will not save them for the most bad crul thing! May God protect his people for ever on earth! Those People will not get life again! You think about that before you all Fighters go too bed !;-/. As for Rhodes Bulls they will be in Jeovah s memrey for ever but the Bullfighters will not !

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