The liberatory possibilites of literature: using sci-fi as a tool to question what it means to be an animal

In this interview we are diving into cyborg politics with Dr. Sherryl Vint, whose work called Animal Alterity inspired us to pursue this subject further.

We explore the realm of science fiction which brings up wide ranging questions of what it means to be animal and how to reconfigure the historically constructed human and animal divide.

We discuss narratives that either reproduce this human/animal boundary or stories which open up new possibilities, called future oriented perspectives.

Sci-fi can be an emotional tool to build future perspectives that allow for those historically disenfranchised (human/animal others) to have a subjectivity of their own.

Discourses shape how we view the world, ourselves, and other species, and so it is crucial that we understand how critical animal studies, post-humanism, rights discourse, and neoliberal biopolitics interact with each other.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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