The Great Chimp Migration: An Interview with Save The Chimps’ Jen Feuerstein

Join us on this week’s Animal Voices as we speak with Save The Chimps’ Jen Feuerstein. As Shelter Director, Jen is responsible for overseeing the operations of the STC shelters in Alamogordo, New Mexico and Fort Pierce, Florida, and for the “Great Chimp Migration,” which seeks to move the chimps currently housed at Alamogordo to … Continue reading

When The Fight Is Over: Cockfighter Rehabilitation With Miriam Jones

Cockfighting is major news in the United States these days, with almost weekly reports of police raids on the illegal fighting and gambling operations. What happens after the raids, rescue and relocation? On this week’s program, we catch up with Miriam Jones from the Eastern Shore Sanctuary who tells us about the politics and practice … Continue reading

Taking the Leap: Panacea and the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Ken Bontius recently did an amazing thing: He quit his job as an engineer, and poured his savings into opening Panacea, a bright and airy vegan store in Toronto. Motivated by a desire to offer animal-free, eco-friendly, and socially-conscious products, Bontius draws on years of grassroots activism and a passion for research, the picky kind … Continue reading

Animals Asia Foundation: Sanctuary and the Struggle to End Bear Bile Farming

Jill Robinson, founder and CEO of Animals Asia Foundation, joins us from Chengdu, China. Tune in to hear Robinson describe her work with Chinese and Vietnamese animal activists to provide sanctuary for moon bears (Asiatic black bears), and their efforts to stop bear bile farming. Robinson provides detailed first-hand accounts of bear rescues, painting vivid … Continue reading

Rescue, Shelter, and Education: The Ferret Aid Society Speaks

When people think of vivisection, ferrets aren’t usually the first animals who spring to mind. Or, similarly, mention animal cruelty investigations, and people tend to imagine cats and dogs. While ferrets are plagued by cultural stereotypes that they stink and love to bite, The Ferret Aid Society offers a very different interpretation of these inquisitive animals. … Continue reading

The Secret Lives of Sloths – Part II

We’re delighted that Judy Avey-Arroyo, co-founder of the Aviarios del Caribe Wildlife Centre and the Buttercup Centre Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, will join us again to talk about sloths. We’ll hear more about sloths’ habitat and history, the sloth pet trade, the Sanctuary’s “Adopt A Sloth” program, additional stories about the individual animals at the … Continue reading

The Secret Lives of Sloths

Definition of “Sloth”: “Apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue (personified as one of the deadly sins)”, and, “Any of several slow-moving arboreal mammals of South America and Central America; they hang from branches back downward and feed on leaves and fruits.” Sloths are one of those maligned animals whose very existence is associated … Continue reading