Gary Francione on the California ban on foie gras

On this week’s show Gary Francione, professor of law at Rutgers University School of Law, will share his controversial view regarding California’s foie gras ban, including his contention that the initiative isn’t a victory for the animals at all.

Also, we’ll investigate the details of this ban, and consider the implications of the research plan posed by the University of California-Davis, in association with the governer’s office, which aims to determine if foie gras is humane (!). If deemed “humane,” the ban may be officially called into question.

Gary will stay with us to discuss his upcoming book that examines the ten interim years since he wrote Animals, Property, and the Law. Tune in to see what has changed, why he feels the campaign to convert “pet-owner” to “guardian” is pointless, and his take on violence and direct action.

Read the transcript of this show.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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