Ex-slaughterhouse worker, Virgil Butler

Please join us for a conversation with Virgil Butler, an ex-Tyson slaughterhouse worker from rural Arkansas. We’ll learn about his work as a chicken processor and killer, and find out why he eventually quit and became an outspoken animal advocate, founding the group Activists Against Factory Farming (see below). Arguing that worker and animal welfare are closely linked within the slaughterhouse, Virgil will offer his analysis of the current meat industry and share his thoughts on how the situation can be improved. Specifically, he’ll describe the CAK (Controlled Atmosphere Killing) technique that he believes will “reduc[e] the amount of cruelty the chickens have to endure as well as having the potential to help improve working conditions for the workers.” Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an insider’s view of the industry.

Activists Against Factory Farming

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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