A Perfect Blend of Sweet and Savoury: The Dish on Compassionate Cooks

Photo from compassionatecooks.com

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, founder of Compassionate Cooks, is “one to know” in the vegetarian and animal movements, and with good reason. Through her friendly and intensely informational “Food for Thought” podcasts, cooking videos, and written publications (such as the award-winning The Joy of Vegan Baking), Patrick-Goudreau debunks stereotypes about vegetarianism and animal rights, all without being preachy or overbearing.

Given her personal style and dedication to rigorous research, Patrick-Goudreau offers seasoned activists extra tools for their non-leather toolbelts, while gently welcoming newcomers to the issues. Patrick-Goudreau also radiates health and happiness, which adds extra appeal to her cooking tips, recipes, and nutritional advice: The proof is in the vegan pudding, as they say! Importantly, too, she knows how to tell a good story, be it through how to make satisfying winter soup or the retelling of an overlooked Oscar Wilde tale.

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