Soraida Salwala and Windy Borman on Helping Elephants and Fighting Landmines

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Animal Voices welcomes two guests to the show. Soraida Salwala is the founder of the “Friends of the Asian Elephant” hospital in Thailand, where over 3000 elephants have been treated since 1993. Windy Borman is the maker of the film The Eyes of Thailand, which tells the story of two elephants who received artificial limbs at the hospital after losing legs to landmines.

Windy and Soraida will tell us how the film has been received, and then go on to discuss two topics: the treatment of elephants and the progress of the international campaign against landmines. We will hear about how and why elephants are used in Thailand and Myanmar/Burma, and shipped around the world to zoos and extravagant hotels. And we will learn about the Mine Ban Treaty, what it does, and why some countries (including the U.S.) still won’t sign it.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

P.S. If you didn’t catch our earlier interview with Windy, go check it out! It’s devoted to the stories of Mosha and Motala, the elephants who were given a second chance to walk again.

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